Terms of use

Terms of use

This page provides the terms under which Donosac provides contents and services from this website, that you accept by entering the site. These are the Terms of Use for the website.

Identification of our company
Donosac Mateo Errota, 10 - Pabellones 3 y 4
20014 Donostia - San Sebastián
Tel.: 943 46 23 58
Fax: 943 46 25 01

Acceptance of these Terms
Entering this website implies that you are aware of, understand and accept the Terms of Use for the existing version at the time of access. Given that the Terms might be modified, depending on the legal standards in force at all times, we recommend that you consult them, and our privacy policy, each time you enter this website.

Purpose of the website. Exclusion of responsibility.
Through this website, we provide information on the services and/or products that we offer or sell. This information is provided as the user sees it, and Donosac does not accept any responsibility for possible damages caused by

  • The absence of the information or the services and/or products offered, their inaccuracy, lack updates or the presence of faults in access to part or all of the content on this website and others which can be accessed from this one.
  • The loss of information or damage to equipment caused by the use of this website or others which can be accessed from this one.

Use of the website
You are aware that you use this website under your sole and exclusive responsibility, and you accept this voluntarily and explicitly when you enter it.

You also agree to refrain from using any content included on the website for purposes that are illicit or that breach public order, morals and commonly accepted good practice. In particular, and without limiting what has been stated herein, you also commit to not obtaining, reproducing or distributing the content shown on this website if it is not for personal use, and never for profit.

Intellectual property rights
All the brands, commercial names or distinctive signs of any type that appear on the website are owned by Donosac or by third parties. It should not be understood that access to the website gives you any right to the aforementioned brands, commercial names and/or distinctive signs.

In addition, the content is the intellectual property of our company or of third parties. It should not be understood that any existing or potential operating rights will be relinquished to you.

Applicable legislation
These Terms of Use are governed by Spanish legislation.

Donosac and the user are submitted to the Law Courts of Donostia-San Sebastián (GIPUZKOA) regarding any controversy that might be derived from providing services subject to these Terms of Use.