Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Donosac, we are aware of how much you value your privacy. Consequently, we only ask you for personal data - like your name or your email - when it is strictly necessary to provide the information, products or services that you are requesting or to get in touch with you. In this case, we shall inform you that we are going to keep this data and the purpose of this collection before you send it to us.

You are not obliged to provide us with all the data that we request, only what is essential to be able to provide you with what you want or to get in touch with you. We will mark it with an asterisk (*), and if you do not provide non-compulsory data, in no case will this suppose that you are going to receive poorer quality service.

The personal data that you send us will be stored in one or several files that allow us to process them automatically and, therefore, gives us greater agility when providing you with our services. Depending on the type of data they contain, files are registered with their corresponding protection level at the Data Protection Agency.

If you have ever provided us with personal data, you can always exercise your rights to counter, access, rectify and cancel it as stated in the Data Protection Law, by writing us an email at or a letter to

Mateo Errota, 10 - Pabellones 3 y 4
20014 Donostia - San Sebastián
Tel.: 943 46 23 58
Fax: 943 46 25 01

Data disclosure to other companies. If providing you with the information, products or services that you require means that we have to use other companies (Post Office, or a courier or haulage company, for example), we will only provide strictly essential information for them to perform their task and they will be prohibited from using this information for any other purpose.

Computer identification. Cookies.
For the website to work optimally, it is sometimes necessary to obtain information from the computer accessing it or identify this computer. For instance, this might be to count visits to the site, to find out the user’s browser type or to anticipate the user’s selected language to read the website each time they enter it. In no case does this identification give us personal information on you or tell us the content of your computer.

For the aforementioned identification, we use text files called ‘cookies’ that are stored temporarily on your computer. They are very small and completely harmless. The website consults the ‘cookies’ automatically when you access it, so it can display the content in a language you chose previously, offer you specific content depending on prior choices, give you access to reserved zones or store products that you have selected if there is a purchasing system with a ‘cart’ or ‘basket’, among many other possible functions.

You can configure your Internet browser to reject cookies, but in this case, you might not be able to use all the functional features offered by the website.

Update of this declaration
It is possible that we might have to make changes to our Privacy Policy at any time to adapt it to current laws. Consequently, we would recommend that you check this page every time you are going to send personal data.

Information related to solving on-line disputes from Art.14, paragraph 1 of the ODR (Regulation to resolve disputes online):

The European Commission offers consumers the chance to resolve disputes online according to Art. 14, paragraph 1 of the ODR on one of its platforms. The platform ( is used as a website on which consumers can attempt to reach an agreement without going to court relating to disputes that emerge from online shopping and service contracts.